Wall Ball Contest

Hard Work

Practice is the foundation of success in sport.  It is the only way to become proficient at a skill or task.

Surrey Lacrosse wants to promote our kids to practice on their own in order to reach their lacrosse goals.

We are launching a Wall Ball Contest as a warm up to the 2019 box lacrosse season!

Warriors-Rogers Arena The main goal of this contest is to get the players practicing on their own and improving their skills.  As with many tasks that our kids need to complete, motivation is difficult.

We're trying to encourage them with this contest by using:

  1. Competition - players will be able to see where they rank among their teammates and peers. Who will be the Wall Ball Champion??
  2. Technology - kids can't get enough
  3. Accountability - by tracking all their reps and wall ball work the players will be able to see how much they are practicing
  4. PRIZES - We have club seats to 2 NLL Vancouver Warriors games at Rogers Arena, and gift certificates to the sporting goods store of your choice


  1. Must be a registered Surrey Rebel Lacrosse player to be eligible
  2. Players earn entries for each 500 reps (500 = 1, 1000 = 2, etc.) for prizes.  Mini-tyke and Tyke earn 1 for each 300.
  3. Reps at practices/games/drop in's/any SLA function don't count -- this is for individual practice time
  4. The contest will consist of 2 parts with 2 separate draws, the cut off for the first draw will be March 10th, the cut off for the second draw will be April 10.  Reps will not be carried over from one draw to the other.
  5. Other prizes may be awarded... (maybe - grand champ... most days... something else... we're not going to tell... yet! )
  6. The Wall Ball Leader-board will be posted and emailed out weekly so you can see how you stack up!!

Ways to Play


    Download the SNYPR app on iPhone or Android, plug in SLA team code 62332.  User Name: When you make your user name please use Last Name_First Name (or initial)_division so Sean Reid would be Reid_S_Tyke.  We need to know who you are on the leaderboard.  You can add numbers or nicknames as well, but we need that info in the name.
    Put the phone (running the app) into a compression arm sleeve, running sleeve, or a tube sock with the end cut off! - your player can then start can start hitting the wall.

    The SNYPR app will keep track of the Wall Ball reps and upload them to the master scoreboard where you can compare counts to see how your player stacks up against their friends and other players.

    Tip:  When a player under 13 signs up for the app, they will have to enter their parent or guardian’s email.  An email will automatically be sent to the parent, and this email will have links for a parent to complete the registration for the player.  The parent will validate their own identity and consent with a credit card.  The credit card will not be charged, but rather used for identity verification and consent validation purposes only.  It is possible that a small charge of $1 may be “held” by the credit card issuer, but it will be reversed in a short period of time or by completing and returning our Parental Consent Verification form to support@snypr.comWhen a player is registered as 13 or over everything works fine and no extra steps.

  2. REPORT YOUR REPS via email to CCLevel2@surreylacrosse.com.

    If you do not want to use the SNYPR App/don't have a spare phone/or have trouble connecting the App and need to report manually... then you can report reps via email stating player name, number of reps, and time spent hitting the wall.  Parents must verify the number of reps reported are correct - unlike the SNYPR app which tracks every rep this is based on an honesty system.

    If you prefer to use this system, email CCLevel2@surreylacrosse.com for the reporting form.

  3. BONUSES - We want to see you hitting the wall!!

    Post pictures and video of your players hitting the wall on Facebook and tag.  We will choose a pic or video each week that will earn a bonus entry for the prizes.  Creativity counts!  We want to see your Rebel colours!!

For Best Results:

  1. Find a flat brick or concrete wall, or better yet go to the box!
  2. Always wear gloves and your helmet when you are performing your routine - you play with gloves and a cage, so practice with them!
  3. Always have a target – find a mark on the wall or put up a piece of tape (make a small tape square if you can)
  4. Stand 5-7 meters away from the wall
  5. Do this at least 2 - 3 or more times per week and develop a routine!
  6. Have fun!

Suggested Lacrosse Wall Ball Drills:

  • Quick stick – (no cradle) off the wall, catch and throw (no bounce)
  • Catch and one quick cradle - (no bounce)
  • Throw to target – let bounce and catch
  • Bounce before the wall so ball goes up – catch before allowing it to bounce back
  • Develop your own drill (be creative!)
  • Try your off-hand!



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